This is one of this year’s roses from a bush we discovered last fall, completely buried under an overgrown kiwi vine but still blooming.


– – – – – –

I’m going to try an experiment. A post a day for a month. It may only be a photo, but I’m going to try to make posting a part of my daily routine.

I already take lots (LOTS) of photos every day, of things that strike me as beautiful, of the boys being silly or clever, of projects like the garden or my sewing, or just of things that illustrate something I love about my life. And I always think as I take the picture “I’ll have to blog about this!” And then I don’t, for a few days, and then weeks, and then I feel overwhelmed by the backlog.

So, a post a day in July. (It sounded better when a blogger I read did a post a day in May, huh? Oh well, I’m not waiting til next year.) Maybe current photos and words, or maybe clearing some of that backlog, we’ll see.