Hole in the Patio

There’s this hole in the concrete patio. We have no idea why it’s there, how long it’s been there, if it was for a reason or due to an accident. It was there when we moved in.

I keep wanting to fill it in. But then we wonder if it’s useful in some way.

Certainly, it’s fun.


And messy. It’s just down-slope from the outside water faucet, so even if it hasn’t been raining, it is often filled with water.


Yes, he has shoes on. And is standing shoe-deep in the water.

And boys will play in it. Drop things in it. Stand in it. Splash in it. And even (and this is what convinces me we need to fill it in) try to drink from it. Timothy, with a sandpit shovel, tries to scoop up water and mud and feed it to himself. I know he’s working on using utensils, but I’d really rather he kept it to the table. And, you know, preferably food.