Inspired by these, we decided we needed a snake of our own. So, naturally, we bought a couple of ties at the thrift store and made Snakey. I don’t know what the originals are stuffed with, but ours has mixed dried beans for about three-quarters of it, then soft stuffing for a bit, then more beans in the head. Gives it a nice weight and dangly-ness (that’s a word, right?).


Both boys were very into the dried beans we used for filling him — they ended up all over the room, hello sensory experience! — although it took Timothy a while to figure out what we were doing. But once he did, he was right in there in the middle of it, grabbing his little fistfuls of beans and dropping them into the tie. It was cute. He didn’t seem to want to stop.

After Snakey was all finished, and Ben had cuddled with him for a while (“I’m gonna take the snake to bed, mama. He’ll help me sleep in my own bed all night.”) and named him, it was snack time. Snakey’s snack was totally set up and provided by Ben.