Chicken Update

They’re getting big! And they look like real chickens now. Harder to get pictures of lately.


Front: Silver Laced Wyandotte; Middle: Barred Rock; Back: Rhode Island Red


Easter Egger (Americauna)


Rhode Island Red Rooster and Hen

On Memorial Day, we moved their new house. It was formerly the home of a giant tortoise belonging to some friends, but he was moving on and they were getting rid of the house, so we rented a trailer and moved it to our backyard.


Driving it through our forest


Driving down the yard


Getting it into the right position


Back and side with deck


Front which will face into run (we plan to paint this side too)


Chickens in their new home!

All we had to do was take out all the insulation and one wall panel, add hardware cloth and some perches for roosting. Soon we’ll have to add nesting boxes, too, but since they’re not laying yet, it’s not an issue.

We’re still working on the run. Posts are cemented in, and hopefully tomorrow we’ll be adding the fencing. They’ve been in a small temporary run up til now, or a makeshift chicken tractor in the garden where we wanted some weeding done.