Last August, I entered a simple quilt, my second ever, in the County Fair in August. It was fun to see it displayed, although it was folded and hung over a rail along with a lot of others. Some quilts are hung up from the ceiling, because you really need to see the whole thing to appreciate the design. I got a red ribbon (second place, although the entries are judged against a standard and not each other, so there are lots of each “place”). After the fair, I decided I wanted to do better this year.

My goal: I wanted to create and enter a quilt that needed to be hung from the ceiling.

I had almost a year, it seemed possible.

My husband helped me come up with a design within a month or two, based on a mathematical curve, the Sierpinski Curve:

I bought all the fabrics at Christmas, and started cutting them out in March.

I sewed in spurts over the next few months, always after the kids were in bed, working on sections of 4 x 4 blocks. In the week or two before the fair’s entry date, I finished the piecing (more than a quarter of it in a week!), and got the top all put together, minus borders, only 3 days before the deadline.


But there were still borders, layering and quilting, and binding to do….

It didn’t happen.

In fact, I haven’t touched it since, and that was three weeks ago. It’s not exactly out of character, leaving things to the last minute (right, mum and dad? ;-)) but usually I manage to pull it off. Not this time. Sigh. I’m disappointed, but I do still intend to finish it.

Maybe in time for next year’s fair.