My first Meme

OK, so I got tagged a while ago by my friend Lisa. I’ve never been tagged before, never done a meme before, but here we go. I’ll answer the questions, but I don’t know about the last part, though, tagging 5 people… I’m usually a completely anonymous lurker on most blogs I read. And sorry, it’s going to be sort of brief…. I want to get to my quilt tonight too. Then I’ll have pictures to share. 🙂

The rules of this tag:

A. The rules are posted at the beginning

B. Answer the questions about yourself

C. Tag 5 people, let them know in a comment on their blogs that they have been tagged.

What were you doing 10 yrs ago?

Um, 1998. Learning about computers. I’d been living in a VW bus with my then-husband, working retail and being hippies. We moved into an apartment and I started doing office temp work because I was SICK of retail, and found I had an aptitude for computer stuff. I took a class in Multimedia and learned about HTML and the internet, and here we are.

Snacks I enjoy:

  • Apple and chunk o’ cheddar
  • Chips and salsa
  • Bread and butter
  • uhhhh. I guess I’m not a big snacker.
  • Five things on my to-do list today:

  • Finish this and post.
  • Work on my quilt if there’s time.
  • Pick up kids’ toys.
  • Take my antibiotics.
  • Go to bed.
  • Things I would do if I became a billionaire:

  • Buy a house in Northern Ireland near my parents.
  • Buy a house somewhere warm.
  • Invest a lot.
  • Give some to family and charities.
  • 3 bad habits:

  • Eating too much ice cream.
  • Being lazy about housework.
  • Sometimes drinking too much wine.
  • 5 places I have lived:

  • Bangor, Northern Ireland
  • Keele, England
  • Kent, WA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Whidbey Island, WA
  • Jobs I have had:

    Oh goodness. Many, but can be mostly summed up like this:

  • Retail in various places.
  • Data entry.
  • Office Manager.
  • Technical Writer.
  • Mum.
  • Things people don’t know about me:

    I’m a synesthete. Specifically, my days of the week have colors associated with them and always have. There are other aspects of my life that are probably synesthetic, but I’m still trying to figure it out. I only just discovered that other people do this and that there’s a name for it — I always thought it was just me being weird.

    I don’t think there’s much else people who know me don’t know — I’m a pretty open book, I don’t hide much.